About us

Dr.NICE is a medical clothing brand founded in 2017. All of our clothes are created and manufactured in our own production facilities from high-quality fabrics and accessories, which we carefully pick out.

We believe that the clothing of a modern doctor must necessarily meet the requirements of the present time, not only to distinguish the doctor in the workplace, but also to allow him to feel comfortable and to find his own style amidst the mass of ready-made solutions. When developing the collection, we emphasize the adherence to noble elegant tailoring in all models (whether women's or men's line).

The hero of Dr.NICE – is a successful specialist who has a good understanding of the range of medical clothing and seeks to demonstrate their style and elegance.

By developing our project, we develop ourselves: we discover new opportunities, every day step by step we move towards our dream - to make the world a better place.

Dr.Nice garments are produced of fabrics in compliance with MADE IN GREEN technology by OEKO-TEX®.

logo made in greenMADE IN GREEN is an international labeling system for products made of textiles that have been tested for the presence of harmful agents and are produced under environmentally friendly conditions in compliance with all the safety standards and requirements.

The fabric has the following major benefits:

  • has a stable dye (does not change its color after washing);
  • the dye does not contain any formaldehyde resins (the fabric is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic);
  • minimal shrinkage;
  • has a high resistance to wear and tear (serves for a long time!);
  • no pilling (no formation of lint when worn and washed!);
  • no defects.

The fabric has been tested in Russia and has the appropriate certificate.

Legal entity information

  • person_outline IE Alexandra Kakhidze
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  • mail_outline info@dr-nice.com
  • phone +995 551 755 955